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Who Are We?

Partnering with the South Queensland Conference Health Department, Adventist Health Association is a charitable non-profit organisation that was set up in 1985 to promote health as the right arm of the biblical message.

It is our belief that:

  • Certain lifestyle factors such as alcohol, tobacco, obesity, and chemical dependence are in most, if not all, major mortality and morbidity problems in our society.
  • Our society's moral standards are being eroded, and this decline is resulting in health problems.
  • A decline in religious adherence results in disrespect for life, and this, in turn, results in health problems.
  • Support of health research is an important means of establishing credible standards and methods.



    • An upper room was established by young Adventists, many of whome were medical undergraduates – needing a meeting place for health evangelism and general Adventist outreach.
    • In 1980 land at Gold Coast hinterland was bought by donations for “HighView”
    • 1980-1984 Blocks were subsequently sold and AHA established May 1985.
    • In 1986 membership grew to 68.

    1986-1987  -  AHA created it’s first newsletter, and AHA was also established in New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Sydney, and Western Australia